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Capital Nature is a leading climate investor focusing on early-stage (pre-seed to Series A), cutting-edge companies and technologies. Capital Nature is focused on mobilizing patient capital towards innovative decarbonization & planet resilience solutions that improve our daily lives and global footprint.

For over a decade, Capital Nature has been committed to each founder’s vision, successfully leveraging strategic partners within the local ecosystem and beyond to formulate long-lasting cooperation and synergy. 
Capital Nature’s portfolio consists of 15 companies in different stages of maturity. Five of them- Electreon, Blade Ranger, Zooz, Augwind and Trucknet are listed on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange.

Capital Nature’s team comprises of professionals in the fields of science, engineering, industry, operations, and finance, as well as a variety of top-tier service providers and consultants, providing all functions necessary for a young enterprise.
Capital Nature’s shareholders, including Ratio Technologies, Elbit, Refael, Direct Insurance and Consensus Business Group, share their knowledge and ecosystems with the company and its portfolio.

Ratio Technologies VC holds approximately 15% in Capital Nature.

Dan Weintraub serves as a director at Capital Nature




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