Unicorn Technologies

Unicorn Technologies is a limited partnership founded in 2020 in order to invest, by itself and through its portfolio companies, in research and development based Hi tech companies. It is listed on the Israel Stock Exchange (TASE)

The partnership identified a growing interest on the part of Israeli investment institutions and private investors in   technology companies. Unicorn Technologies enables such investors to invest in a publicly traded partnership operating in those fields

Unicorn leverages its partners’ vast experience and track record to secure and optimize its quality deal flow, with the aim of maximizing returns for its shareholders. It seeks to invest an initial amount of $1-2 million in each portfolio company.
Ratio Technologies VC holds 50% in Unicorn Technologies management company. The management company itself also invested NIS10m in the partnership.

Ligad Rotlevy, Ratio Technologies’s chairman, serves as Chairman of Unicorn and Yigal Landau, Ratio Technologies’s BoD member, serves as a member of Unicorn’s board as well.

Dan Weintraub, Ratio Technologies’s CEO, serves as a member of the Investment Committee of Unicorn Technologies.